2016 Legislation

The following bills were requested by the Judicial Council for introduction in the 2016 legislative session. To learn more about the legislative history of the bills, visit the Kansas Legislature's website.

  • 2016 HB 2472 - A bill proposing amendments to statutes dealing with the Board of Tax Appeals (BOTA) and the Kansas Judicial Review Act to clarify jurisdictional rules regarding judicial review of appeals from BOTA. The contents of this bill were passed in 2016 H Sub for SB 280. See the Committee's report.
  • 2016 SB 319 - A bill proposing a correction to K.S.A. 61-2708. The bill passed with the proposed changes - 2016 SB 319. See testimony.
  • 2016 SB 321 - A bill proposing removal of restrictions on the filing of wills with the court under K.S.A. 59-618a. The bill was passed as amended - 2016 SB 321. See the Committee's report.

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