2013 Legislation

The following bills were requested by the Judicial Council for introduction into the 2013 legislative session. To learn more about the legislative history of the bills, visit the Kansas Legislature's website.

  • 2013 HB 2013 - A bill relating to the definition of perjury. The bill passed without amendments.See report.
  • 2013 HB 2014 - A bill relating to revocation of inheritance rights of a divorced spouse. The bill was amended slightly amended and was recommended to be passed by both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. The House passed the bill but the Senate deleted the contents of the bill and inserted legislation regarding the renewable energy act. See testimony.
  • 2013 HB 2015 - A bill relating to marital property. The bill was amended and passed as 2013 HB 2015. See testimony.

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