Stepparent Adoption with Consents

These forms are ONLY to be used when a stepparent is adopting a minor child with the consent of all living legal parents and consent of the minor child if over 14 years old.

These forms are NOT to be used:

  • when a parent objects to or contests the adoption;
  • when a parent is unknown or cannot be located; or
  • when the child or one of the legal parents of the child is a member of or eligible for membership in an Indian tribe.

These adoption forms are basic forms for simple stepparent adoptions with consent. Adoptions can be complicated and using legal forms without an attorney’s help can harm your legal rights.

Courts require that persons filing adoptions follow court rules. Failure to follow court rules may prevent you from finishing your case. Self-represented persons are expected to know and follow the same rules that attorneys are required to follow.

The Clerk of the District Court cannot help you complete these forms or give you legal advice. The Clerk can provide you very limited information about the adoption process. If you have questions you should contact an attorney.