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PIK - Civil 4thPattern Instructions for Kansas -
Civil 4th

Contains pattern civil jury instructions, comments and notes on use.


  • $150.00 + tax for printed version
  • $85.00 + tax for CD-ROM
  • $75.00 for 1-yr. online subscription
  • $85.00 + tax for 2014 Supplement


The printed version of PIK - Civil 4th contains pattern civil jury instructions, comments and notes on use. Use of the instructions has been strongly recommended by the Kansas Supreme Court. PIK - Civil 4th is in an 8 1/2" x 11" format. The book is published in an attractive loose-leaf binder and includes statutory changes made during the 2013 legislative session; Kansas Supreme Court decisions through Vol. 298, No. 1; and Kansas Court of Appeals decisions through Vol. 49, No. 3.

Other formats available:

CD-ROM. The pattern instructions contained in PIK - Civil 4th are offered on CD-ROM, which contains the text of the pattern instructions but does not contain tables, notes on use or comments. The instructions are provided in Rich Text Format (RTF). The CD-ROM is intended to avoid the necessity of retyping the instructions.

Online Access. Online access by subscription to PIK - Civil 4th is offered by the Judicial Council. The book offered is identical in appearance to the printed version and is available in PDF format. Online access to the publication is available without charge to Kansas lawyers registered as active under S. Ct. Rule 208.

2014 Supplement. The Judicial Council PIK - Civil Advisory Committee updates PIK - Civil 4th on a biennial basis to reflect legislative changes, the latest appellate court decisions, and to add revised or additional materials deemed to improve the publication.

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