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Title of Publication
Kansas Appellate Practice Handbook 5th
$ 110.00
Kansas Municipal Court Manual
$ 60.00
Kansas Municipal Court Manual Online Subscription
*** $ 40.00 per year
PIK - Civil 4th (includes latest supplement)
$ 150.00
PIK - Civil 4th on CD-ROM
$ 85.00
PIK - Civil 4th Online Subscription
*** $ 75.00 per year
PIK - Criminal 4th (includes latest supplement)
PIK - Criminal 4th on CD-ROM
PIK - Criminal 4th Online Subscription
Probate Forms 3d (includes latest supplement)
$ 150.00
Probate Forms 3d on CD-ROM
** $ 85.00
Probate Forms 3d Online Subscription
*** $ 75.00 per year

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Please note that government agencies, nonprofit educational institutions and shipments outside of Kansas are exempt from paying Kansas sales tax.

** CD-ROM may be licensed for multiple users for an additional $5.00 per user, plus tax.

*** Online subscriptions may be licensed for multiple users for an additional $5.00 per user, plus tax.