Tribal-State Judicial Forum

The Tribal-State Judicial Forum was created to encourage greater understanding and exchange of information between the tribal and state judicial systems in Kansas. The Tribal-State Judicial Forum is a vehicle for expanding tribal and state court judges’ knowledge of the respective judicial systems; identifying and discussing issues regarding court practices, procedures, and administration that are of common concern to members of tribal and state judicial systems; and cultivating mutual respect for and cooperation between tribal and state judicial systems.

Meeting Dates:

None Scheduled


Hon. Steven R. Ebberts; Topeka, Kansas
District Judge - Kansas 3rd Judicial District

Hon. Robert Gifford; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Judge - Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas

Hon. Lisa Otipoby Herbert; Ponca City, Oklahoma
Judge - Iowa Tribe of Kansas & Nebraska

Hon. Paul R. Klepper; Lawrence, Kansas
District Judge Pro Tem - Kansas 7th Judicial District

Hon. James A. Patton; Hiawatha, Kansas
District Judge - Kansas 22nd Judicial District

Hon. Dennis L. Reiling; Oskaloosa, Kansas
Magistrate Judge - Kansas 2nd Judicial District

Hon. Charles Tripp; Owasso, Oklahoma
Chief Justice - Delaware Tribe

Hon. Shawn Watts; Lawrence, Kansas
District Court Judge – Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation