Guardian & Conservator Training Materials


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Basic Instructional Program and Information for Certification

The Guardianship & Conservatorship Advisory Committee has prepared a basic instructional program concerning the duties and responsibilities of a guardian or conservator as required by K.S.A. 59-3069(j).


  • Basic Instructions for Conservators PDF | RTF (rev. 6/15)
  • Basic Instructions for Guardians PDF | RTF (rev. 6/15)
  • Basic Instructions for Guardians and Conservators PDF | RTF (rev. 6/15)


  • Inventory and Valuation PDF | RTF (6/15)
  • Accounting PDFRTF (6/15)
  • Guardian's Report on Condition of Ward PDF | RTF (6/15) 


IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED IN THESE PACKETS, PLEASE SEEK THE ADVICE OF AN ATTORNEY. The Kansas Bar Association's lawyer referral service provides answers to many questions such as how to find a lawyer, services available to the public, and the potential fees and costs involved.

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