Administrative Order No. 159

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Re: Code of Civil Procedure for Limited Actions Forms


  1. The 2000 Kansas Legislature enacted a new Code of Civil Procedure for Limited Actions to be effective January 1, 2001 (L. 2000, Ch. 161, Session Laws of Kansas);
  2. The Kansas Judicial Council has prepared forms reflecting the provisions of said new code; and
  3. These proposed forms, attached hereto, have been submitted as required to the Kansas Supreme Court for its approval for use by the district courts upon the said new code becoming effective.

Now, on this ________ day of December 2000 the matter comes before the court for action. After due consideration the use of said forms or substantially similar forms is approved in the district courts on and after January 1, 2001, subject, however, to future modification by the Kansas Legislature or by this court. These forms may be updated or minor modifications may be made as deemed necessary by the Judicial Administrator.


Kay McFarland
Chief Justice



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